Redefining Virtual Try-on

  • Video based live virtual try-on
  • Supported by interactive recommender systems
  • Engaging online shopping experience on web and mobile
  • Instant feedback through social media
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Making it easier for
consumers to shop online

  • Most engaging consumer experience
  • Bespoke rewards program
  • Consulative style recommendation based on face type of users
  • Interactive image search engine for accurate search!

  • The result- Satisfied online consumers!

Resulting in Unique
Opportunities For Brands

  • Deepen consumer engagement
  • Convert more visitors into customer and increase CLV
  • Real-time analytics improve product and marketing strategy
  • Increase reach by turning consumers and advocates
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Who Benefits


Consumers can have a complete shopping experience online, free from the hassles of retail store shopping. An augmented reality solution offers a close to real life experience while maintaining the social relevance of in-store shopping. Consumers can freely share their virtual experience with family and friends through social interaction channels, and can instantly access this complete shopping experience anywhere and everywhere.

Brands & Retailers

Brands and Retailers can engage their potential customers, strengthen their connection with consumers and measure the impact in a meaningful way. Brands can collect valuable and immediate feedback for measuring ROI for adapting content based on the composition of the audience.

Innovative sales solutions allow brands to maximize their reach and improve margins.